What is our essence?

Create unique and stunning solutions. The studio’s philosophy is based on concise and precise development of exclusive projects with its unique architectural styles.


The dedication and commitment of our team of experts is to help transform each dream into a reality by creating a project even if it has no outline.



Art has no limits and neither does our team. At Ussenza we transform environments, we create and combine styles. We have no limits and try to overcome any challenges. 

We strive to unite in constructive styles. Create spacious areas in small spaces. Harmonize the environment when it seems impossible to do. Personalising with a unique style. This is our team's commitment which is composed of designers, architects and project managers. Nothing is left to chance.



Discover the elegance and sobriety of our projects in Portugal and worldwide, because art is universal.

Master Bedroom



At Ussenza the art and design are at everybody's reach. For those who know what they want and do not abdicate from the finest detail. From those who already have an idea to those who only have a dream.


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Our commitment is to transform ideas into concepts.

We accept any challenge.

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